The concept in programming of iterations in software development, seems to hold true for web development, too.  So basically the idea is that incremental improvements are made.  That’s the case for this site, too.

I wanted to get a site up and running, by working intensively with some newer tools, that I have recently begun to focus on using to become a better web developer.  These tools include using the HTML5 canvas element with JavaScript for the splash Matrix page.  I choose to create a splash page to show off cool animations that can be done with the canvas element.

The next main technology that I have dabbled with in the past for creating web pages is WordPress.  The main site is being built using WordPress with Divi theme and builder.  This WordPress plugin is extremely useful for easily customizing a WordPress based site.

Why WordPress?  This platform powers over a a quarter of internet sites;  Easy to connect with a database; WordPress is the defacto blog platform.  It is easy to create a blog, which up till now I haven’t really seriously implemented, but have always wanted to.  Wny?  Because a blog allows you to communicate your passions, thoughts, and ideas.

I absolutely love web development, because it allows you to communicate with the world!  Web developers, as I read someone else putting it, are modern day artisans.  Crafting and cultivating an ever evolving way for human beings to communicate.

Web development is science and art at it’s finest, in my opinion.  I am passionate about it, and want to share my journey, and help others to learn this medium.

Thanks for your time, and visiting my site!

Best regards,

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