Communication through the internet has been a fascination for me for a long time.  To be able to manipulate pixels in the form of images as well as videos, and to communicate ideas through the ether of the net is an amazing feat that humans have achieved.  At this time in human civilization, it is also seems like the ability to communicate this way has always been available to do so.  But for me as a practicing and evolving web developer, it is not a means of communication that I take for granted.  It is an amazing tool that I always continue to study and learn about, studying how the innovators of web development continue to evolve the craft.  Like artisans of old, web development is something that must be studied and practiced continually, as there is never a state of perfection, but rather a continual evolution of the tools used.

My goal as a developer is to create my own space for communicating, and to help others to do so through the skills that I have acquired.  To work with the knowledge I have learned from others, to help those who may not want to learn the medium themselves.  To help them get their presence out there in cyberspace in the most effective way for them, and those they wish to communicate with.  Whether it be an individual, a non-profit, or a company that wants to reach an audience, that is where I wish to be of service.

If I can be of service to you or your organization, I would like to hear from you. Thank you for your time, and consideration.

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